Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Homework for 19 July

Additional note for Mathematics (updated by Ms Loh at 5.38 pm)
  • Complete the Linear Graphs Worksheet (A3 sheet) and bring to school tomorrow
  • 2014 Level Test 2 Paper - this is a revision paper, to be completed and submitted by next Monday (25 July 2016)
  • We will be going to Maker Lab to do Part 2 of the Performance Task (AA2) - to cut the cardboard in order to construct the bridge. More information/ instructions will be available via the Calendar invite.
  • Performance Task Reflection 2 - to be completed by Friday (22 July 2016) - Refer to Google Classroom (for template and submission)
In addition, please note that Mr Teng will not be in school tomorrow and he has therefore swapped the lesson with me. In other words, we will meet again at periods 13-15 tomorrow.


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