Monday, May 23, 2016

All Homework (Including June Holidays Homework)

*I did not use the usual Table as it might be very messy
To be handed in by Next Week:

  1. Viva Voce

  1. Lesson Package 1

  1. Draft 2 of Common Test 
  2. Three Skeleton Key 
  3. Reflections
June Holidays Homework:

  1. June Holidays Engagement
  2. Australian Paper (Can be handed in via Online Form as well)
  1. Reproduction in humans worksheet
Hcl / Cl: 
  1. Complete AA2
  1. Independant Learning Log
  2. Edpuzzle tasks
  3. Book review 
This should be all, feel free to tell me if I missed out

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Homework for 17 May

18 May

Dear Students,

Please report to your classroom for morning Assembly tomorrow.

Bring along your LD, notebook, writing instruments and money for recess when you proceed to the ISH for your Leadership Workshop.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Check you email and complete the survey

From: <>

Subject: 2016 Survey on SST Students' Career Aspirations and Interests (Sec 1 & Sec 2)

Travel Declaration May/June 2016 (all students)

Travel Declaration May/June 2016 (all students)

Dear Students

We understand that some of you may be travelling overseas during the school holidays in May/June 2016. Please complete the electronic Travel Declaration Form and also update the school of unplanned travels once school opens on the first day of school. You do not need to complete the form if you are travelling on a GCP trip organised by the school.

Travel Declaration Form

This information is vital to help us safeguard all our students' health. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

June Holiday Engagement

                                                 For Math


1. June Holidays Revision 
Tier A (estimated: 1 hour):
For those who did not score A1 for the Common Test paper [you will know who you are after the Maths paper review on Friday]

Tier B (estimated 5 hours):
For everybody

A hardcopy will be issued to you when we meet on next Monday.

Start early and stagger the tasks over the 6 weeks (average: 1 hour per week)
Do not get yourself stressed up/out because you need to do a lot of work within a short time.
(I believe some of you would finish everything even before June holiday starts)
Extra Info

2. Planning ahead - the following topics are in the pipeline:
  • Inequalities 
  • Data Handling 
  • Functions and Linear Graphs
The materials will be issued to you next week.
Activities pertaining to these topics assigned to you before the term closes.

3. Maths File
Please remember to file all the handouts (study notes, assignments, etc) assigned to-date into the Maths file, and have it tidy up during the school holidays.
These materials would be very useful whenever you need to make reference to.

More info will come along the way... so, do look out the emails.

All that can be found in the email Ms Loh sent. Happy June Holidays :). 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Please submit the document below

Dear All,  please submit your MC, Parent Letter or LC (Pink Slip) to me ASAP, latest by net MONDAY (09/Aparil)  ,They following student's are:

31/Mac : Jonathan  - LC
1 April : Matthew (MC ?)
6 April : Celine (MC ?) , Lucas - LC
7 April : Ramirez -MC
8 April : Ramirez - MC, Elise - LC
12 April : Hong Ngai - MC ?, MOE - MC ?
13 Arpil : Daniel - MC ?

Kindly put your MC or Pink Slip into my pigeion hole. Thank you !