Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Homework for 2/3/16

•Google Classroom- Finish up Reviewing An Article Assignment by this weekend 5-6 March 2016.

•Blendspace-Tiles 1 to 8 of T1W9 Animal Farm

•Check Math blog for your answer to Percentages Q32 WB (Currently unavailable as of 5.56pm, please notify me when it is available)
•Science Answers and slides are in the Material Science Classroom

Other Pending Homework To Be Submitted Later:

HCL: Write 作文 by next Wednesday. (Also Group Work On Google Slides)
English: Animal Farm Booklet Chapters 1-8 by 7 March. (Next Monday)

Done by Elise, please give feedback about today's homework recording.
(Re-edited at 5.56pm)


  1. Other reminders:
    HCL: Write 作文 by Wednesday (the one you did with your group on Google Slides)
    English: Animal Farm chapters 1-8 by 7Mar

  2. Elise, not due today, it is due next Wed.


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