Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Homework for 23 Feb

Today's Date: 23 February

Note: Please pass the forms (Dental form and Sexuality Education Form) to the class representatives tomorrow for those who have not. Thank you.


  1. Language arts Homework is incorrect:
    Animal Farm Booklet Chapters 1-4 Vocabulary and comprehension (No need to do the in class discussions)
    Personal Recount Worksheet P.2 answer both questions
    Journey to Chiron Group PT Presentation

    Types: worksheet; journal; blog; presentation etc...

  2. Those that did not hand in their forms:
    Alex: Dental and SE Form
    Emmanuel Chew: SE Form
    Peng Kiang: Dental and SE Form
    Please hand in by tomorrow

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  5. Guys remember to do your elevator pitch for the I&E refrigerator project(include your name,how you got the idea and why your idea is the best

  6. You mean...we have to prepare a set of slides for the Journey to Chiron? What must it include?


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