Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dear S1-01 Students,

Your very special day is coming!

All gentlemen are requested to wear a black belt for the Badge Night ceremony tomorrow.

For tomorrow, bring your LD along and submit all overdue forms- SDM, GIRO, AUP etc...

Your Reflection Journals are also due tomorrow!

Lessons will begin on 11 Feb 2015
Refer to your Class Timetable. Please bring your Learning Devices (LDs), files, school foolscap paper, notebooks and writing instruments to school daily. You may wish to store some of these items in your lockers.

Exchange of School Uniform
Stocks for the correct design uniform will be ready for exchange from 11 Jan to 15 Jan 2016. You will be informed of the schedule for exchange via students' blog.

Photography Session
15 Jan 2015 @ 0800-0820
Report first to LO1 for Smartcard Individual Photograph-taking and then proceed to the Foyer for 2016 Class Photo

Do mark your calendars!

Sleep early!

Your FTs,
Ms Oh & Ms Tan

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