Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homework for January 27, 2016

This is the homework for today


  • Post draft 1 in google classroom by 3pm.
  • Type out online draft 2 and make sure it is grammarly checked by "My Grammarly". Remember to use SWBTS at the end. Turn in the draft in google classroom by 10pm.

  • Do assignment 2.1
  • Do number lines worksheet
  • Think of what are the different ways of looking at the half of 13
  • Brain storm for cookie challenge
Higher Chinese
  • Read the 3 chinese compo samples
  • Do chinese compo draft as tomorrow we will be writing the chinese composition in class
  • Do your line graph (if have not done)
  • Do scamper worksheet (if have not done)
  • Remember to bring your art kit every lesson
This is all the homework for today. Please tell me what the normal chinese homework is and tell me if I miss out any homework.


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