Sunday, January 31, 2016


Dear Students, 

1. Tomorrow is your CCA Form submission day!
2. Please remind your parents to sign up for Breakfast Meeting with P via this link.
3. If you're interested in being an emcee for school events (plenty of chances!), a host to visitors to SST or trained to participate in EL oratorical competitions, do attend auditions to be selected for EL TDP via this linkFor enquiries pls contact Ms Brown:

Friday, January 29, 2016

English Reading Programme

Please complete and hand in your English Reading Programme Worksheets by Monday.

- English Reading Programme Style Chart (Harrison)
-A Sound of Thunder

Please remember to bring Animal Farm next week to read Chapter 1.

Index Number 19 - 25, If you still have not passed up your creative writing Worksheet to me,
 do so on Monday during BREAK

Thank you.

Homework for 29 January

Chinese (Higher)

  • Do 习题精编 book pages 1-10 (by next week)
  • Refer to email sent by your teacher

  • Elements, compounds and mixtures worksheet 1 and 2 
  • Read Notes page 17


  • Mini- essay (by next week)

English Reading Programme

Please complete and hand in your English Reading Programme Worksheets by Monday.

- English Reading Programme Style Chart (Harrison)
-A Sound of Thunder

Please remember to bring Animal Farm next week to read Chapter 1.

Thank you.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Creative Writing Marks

Please remember to key in your Creative Writing Marks in the google slides that I have emailed to you.

If Ms Oh hasn't marked your essays, please inform both of us immediately.

Thank you.

Homework for 28 January


    • Assignment 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 (Next Monday)
    • Assignment 2.4, 2.5, Try at your own time. 
  • Upload diagnostic test to google drive sent by Ms Oh.
  • Upload Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 to Language Arts blog (Grammarly Checked and by Friday night)
  • Do draft 3 of science fiction story.
Higher Chinese
  • Finish 作文 by Monday.
  • 微笑小草 worksheet.
  • Those whose 猜同学 work is not approved by the teacher have to make edits.

  • Do research topics.
  • Think of how to structure your research. 
Reminder: Bring your IH books.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homework for January 27, 2016

This is the homework for today


  • Post draft 1 in google classroom by 3pm.
  • Type out online draft 2 and make sure it is grammarly checked by "My Grammarly". Remember to use SWBTS at the end. Turn in the draft in google classroom by 10pm.

  • Do assignment 2.1
  • Do number lines worksheet
  • Think of what are the different ways of looking at the half of 13
  • Brain storm for cookie challenge
Higher Chinese
  • Read the 3 chinese compo samples
  • Do chinese compo draft as tomorrow we will be writing the chinese composition in class
  • Do your line graph (if have not done)
  • Do scamper worksheet (if have not done)
  • Remember to bring your art kit every lesson
This is all the homework for today. Please tell me what the normal chinese homework is and tell me if I miss out any homework.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Homework for today

File your language files by next week
Bring alternative assessment form for the science fiction and do the story map too.

Do the survey on the Maths blog

Do the graph at the back of the worksheet you used for the experiment today.

Normal Chinese
Do the worksheet (我的领桌子方大鹏)
Study the words we learnt today on the worksheet the teacher gave.
Check out the answers for the diagnostic test.

Higher chinese hw.
Do the worksheet 审题练习。
These are the homework for today.
Please fell free to tell me if there is any homework i missed out.

Some Reminders

  1. Please check with your parents/guardians if they are attending Breakfast Meeting with Principal on Tuesday, 16 February (8.00 to 10.00 am). Please register at by Friday, 29 Jan.
  2. Submit your CCA forms by Monday, 1 Feb
  3. Bring materials for classroom decoration 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Homework for 25/1/16

File Check on 26th January. Please file all necessary worksheets.

Go to Math Blog and watch the first two videos on the Real Numbers section.

•Form and SCAMPER worksheets- hand in this Thursday.
•Texture WS- Next Monday
•Reminder: Bring Art Kit every lesson.

Finish up EL 1st handwritten draft by Wednesday.

To sign up for Breakfast Meeting on 16th Feb, go to Students Blog. 

So far I have these on my list, notify me if theres changes to make and anything I missed out, especially the HCL homework.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Class Decoration - Back Walls

This is a reminder concerning those who have not provided a description of themselves on Google Slides. Please do so as soon as possible. The deadline for the Class Decoration Contest is this week.


On a side note, if you have not taken your picture yet, please inform any of the members of the group or any of the girls.

Thank you.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Homework for 22/1/16 Matthew Liang

These are the homework that needs to be done:
-Do "loaded dog" and "the copy" if you have not done it yet.
-Write diagnostic test essay in google docs.
-Do viva voce if you have not done it yet(Deadline is today at 11.59pm).
-Do assignment 1.2 if you have not done it yet.
-read 第二课 and answer the questions at the side of the pages.
-Do the worksheet that was given today.
Higher Chinese:
-Do the 审题——题目的四大限制.
-Do the material science mind map.
-Find examples of political/economical/cultural connection(depends on your number).
-Find two general articles and two google scholar articles.
-Do the high jump checklist and submit it online,along with the video.
-Do the colour worksheet if you have not done it yet.(pg 1-2 only)
-Do SCAMPER worksheet.

This is all the homework today.please tell me if I miss out any homework.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Homework for 21-01-16(Thurs)

- Assignment 1.2
- When to use HCF & LCM quiz
- I have a question/I want to clarify
- Alternative Assessment (if you have not done)

Higher Chinese:
- Complete 续写故事 form on 第二课

Normal Chinese:
-Read textbook 第二课

- Complete the loaded dog worksheet
- Complete the copy worksheet

- If you have not finished it, do your Science corrections

- If you have not finished it, do your colouring worksheet
- If you have not finished it, do your isometric worksheet
- Do SCAMPER worksheet

Please comment if I missed anything out.

2016 Class Decoration Competitions, Kindly check the  details:

1) Guideline and Submission Form

2) Designated use of notice-boards (Sample)

Decoration Team Leader , Please submit the form by 28 Jan (Next Thursday) via email to Ms Lee  (Sec 1 Head of Year)

Judging will take place on 29 Jan 2016 (Friday) from 1 p.m. onwards.

2016 SST Classroom Decoration Competition - Judging Criteria and Rubrics
Judged by
Total Score
Exceeds expectations
Meets Expectations
Barely meets expectations (6)
Does not meet expectations (4)
Class Theme reflects their mission, goals and code of conduct. (30%)

Class Theme
Class theme is clearly aligned to the class mission and goals.
Class theme is somewhat aligned to the class mission and goals.
Class theme is not aligned to the class mission and goals.
Class theme is not evident.
Class Mission and goals
Class mission and goals are displayed clearly in a prominent position.
Class mission and goals are displayed clearly.
Class mission and goals are hardly visible or displayed in an obscure position.
Class mission and goals are not displayed.
Class Code of Conduct
Class code of conduct is displayed clearly in a prominent position.
Class code of conduct is displayed clearly.
Class code of conduct is hardly visible and / or displayed in an obscure position.
Class code of conduct is not displayed.
Overall presentation and use of space inside the classroom (30%))
Visual Impact
“Fabulous”! “In Awe!”
“That’s a job well done!” “Nice job!”
“Okay, I see where they were going with that.”
“What?” “I don’t get it.”
Overall presenta-
The decoration is exceptionally attractive and beautifully done. Well constructed and neat.
The decoration is attractive and neat.
The decoration is acceptably attractive. May be a bit messy.
The decoration is distractingly messy.
Completeness & Use of space
Classroom decoration is completed. Excellent use of space in the classroom.
Classroom decoration is completed but space was not used to the full extent. Some items are out of place.
Classroom decoration is somewhat completed.
No attempt to decorate the classroom or incomplete work.

Creativity (10%)
Display of new ideas and originality
Exceptional display of new ideas and originality.
Good use of new ideas and originality.
Conventional ideas were used in decorating the classroom.
No use of new ideas or originality was used to decorate the classroom.
Effort (10%)
A lot of thought of effort was put into making the classroom interesting.
A good amount of thought was put into decorating the classroom. A bit more effort it might have been outstanding.
With a little more effort, the work could have been outstanding; lacks the finishing touches.
Minimum effort shown. Lack of pride in finished work.
Use of recycled materials (10%)
Most of the materials used for are made of recycled materials.
Some of the materials used for are made of recycled materials.
Little of the materials used for are made of recycled materials.
No attempt to use recycled materials.
Classroom Cleanliness (10%)

Use checklist
Each item =1 point
□   Classroom floor is clean and free of litter.
□   Tables and chairs in classroom are neatly arranged.
□   Class dustbin is emptied. (Recycled waste is placed in the recycling bin).
□   Whiteboard is clean.
□   Class cupboards-Area above and inside class cupboards is clean and free from clutter.
□   Teacher’s table is clean.
□   Notices on the noticeboard are neatly pinned up.
□    Locker area is clean and free from clutter.
□    Corridor area outside classroom is free from litter.
□   Electrical equipment such as projector, air-conditioning and fans are switched off after school. Projector screen is also retracted.
Note: Classes will be immediately disqualified if any picture and language used is inappropriate or offensive.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Homework for Wednesday, 20/1/16

  1. For those that did not update the SDM, please update ASAP
  2. For those that did not sign the Edusave form, please sign it and hand it in tomorrow
  3. Do the Reflection Journal and post in on Google Drive
  4. Those that did not bring/buy/sign report book, please do so and hand in tomorrow
  5. Finish Maths Alternative Assessment by Friday
  6. Do Science corrections
  7. English homework on Blendspace (Week 3)
  8. Do Higher Chinese 第二课worksheet 
Dear S1-01 Students,

Regarding the Edusave Form, Only for Singaporean students have Edusave account.
For Non-Singaporean, you may need to make all payments via giro or cheque to SST Finance Department.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Homework for 19 January.

English: go through the slides on blendspace and write your answer on your notebook. The loaded dog and the copy hand in next week

Math: Do the scenario worksheet. do 1.2.5 and 1.4.3.

Science: Nothing.

Normal Chinese: Read your 课本. (Matthew said so.)

Higher Chinese: Just see the worksheet no need do.

ADMT: do the colour worksheet.(hand in on Thursday.)
Eu Gene, Ramirez Emmanuel and Lucas,
Please submit your Assessment Plan Acknowledgement Slip to me ASAP.
Lucas , Please come to see me to get the form today.

Monday, January 18, 2016

18 January 2016 Homework

Language arts :

  • Read and complete the first page of 'The Loaded Dog'
  • Read and complete the first page of 'The Copy'
  • Please print out your copy of the reading programme cover page if you did not receive it. It's on BlendSpace
Mathematics :

  • Please complete your Alternative Assessment by Friday.


  • Complete the colour wheel worksheet. It's due on the next ADMT lesson ( Wednesday )

I hope I haven't missed out anything. Feel free to tell me if I missed out anything. Thanks :)

Reflection Journal

Dear S1-01 Students,

Upon checking the Orientation Reflection Journal Folder, we realise that many of your journals are incomplete or missing!
Please upload all journals by Wednesday 20 January 2016.
You must complete all assigned work.

Looking forward to reading your completed journals,
Miss Tan and Miss Oh

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Classroom Decoration

Kindly check the google excel, bring the materials needed for tomorrow classroom decoration.Thank you !

Thursday, January 14, 2016

14/1/2016 Homework


-Last Dog(Read and do the activity due by Monday)
-Watch "Birthday Boy" Video and do the Worksheet


-Worksheet activity 1
-Look out for email 
-Math quiz this Saturday at 6am


-Worksheet on Chapter 1
-习字 on highlighted words in Chapter 1
-Bring purple file with dividers


-Identify an enviromental problem in Singapore and get 2 articles on it.


-Designer influence Google Slides(Due by next Thursday)

REMINDER: Do slides for S and W Presentation

Hi S101,

Tomorrow is Class photo-taking, details as below

Date : 15 Jan 2016
Time : 8:00 am
Venue : LO1 Foyer

See you tomorrow morning !

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Updated homework for 13 of January

Dear S1-01, here is the homework for today. Do not forget to go to site 1 and view the homework there. Then, primary click (left click) assignment 6 (labeled 'Homework') and complete the last slide. We also need to go to site 2 and leave a comment for our Maths teacher. That's all for today, I hope you finish them on time. Have a nice day. IMPORTANT NOTE: the previous post missed one homework assignment, so I reposted it along with the assignment that was not mentioned previously. If you have not done your ADMT worksheet on drawing lines, please do it today as tomorrow is the deadline. Original post by:Emanuel Chew, updated post by:Jonathan Fonda

Homework for the 13 of Jan

Dear S1-01,
                this is the HW for today:

I think thats all. Have a great day. :)
Please vote for the class theme for the decoration contest by tomorrow.Click on the link below.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Homework for 12 January

Dear S1-01,

  • Secondary one assessment plan form 
  • True Me poem
  • Prepare for presentation on Friday
  • Intro to Science and Lab safety worksheet
  • Read and sign safety rules
  • Classes and Properties of Materials Notes - Page 5 question one
  • Prime factorization worksheet
Chinese:[Standard chinese only] 
  • For those who did not bring your purple file, please do so

                                  That should be all, Thanks!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Homework for 11 January

Dear S1-01,

Here's the homework for today:


  • Revise Parts of Speech

  • Finish "About Me" card
  • Survey on Maths Blog:

  • Bring Art Kit: Coloured Pens, 2B pencil, sharpener, ruler, eraser, 12 coloured pencils
  • Finish Lines worksheet
Chinese: NIL (according to Elrond)

Higher Chinese:
  • Complete survey:

  • Reflection Journal (for those who haven't finished)
  • Padlet (for those who haven't finished)
Also, think about who you want to elect for different class roles, and if you want, you could also design some stuff for the Class Decorations.

I hope I didn't miss anything!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Updates from 08 January 2015

Congratulations and welcome to SST family!
Now you are officially a member of SST community. Wear your uniform and badge with pride!

Check your class timetable. Be ready for school lessons. Purchase all necessary stationery.

Next week's events: 

Exchange of School Uniform (Refer to previous posts)

Photography Session (Refer to previous posts)

CCA Selection for Sec 1

Accept invitations from subjects blogs and sites:
Check your emails and reply to teachers who have invited you to join various google classrooms and subject sites.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Please Submit the "Verification & Updating of Personal Information in SDM" Form

Dear S1-01,

For those are haven't submit the Verification form, please submit to me by tomorrow, Thanks!


Dear S1-01 Students,

Your very special day is coming!

All gentlemen are requested to wear a black belt for the Badge Night ceremony tomorrow.

For tomorrow, bring your LD along and submit all overdue forms- SDM, GIRO, AUP etc...

Your Reflection Journals are also due tomorrow!

Lessons will begin on 11 Feb 2015
Refer to your Class Timetable. Please bring your Learning Devices (LDs), files, school foolscap paper, notebooks and writing instruments to school daily. You may wish to store some of these items in your lockers.

Exchange of School Uniform
Stocks for the correct design uniform will be ready for exchange from 11 Jan to 15 Jan 2016. You will be informed of the schedule for exchange via students' blog.

Photography Session
15 Jan 2015 @ 0800-0820
Report first to LO1 for Smartcard Individual Photograph-taking and then proceed to the Foyer for 2016 Class Photo

Do mark your calendars!

Sleep early!

Your FTs,
Ms Oh & Ms Tan

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gentle Reminders

1. Temperature-taking Exercise tomorrow:
Please remember your thermometers!

2. AUP and Giro forms

SST School Song

Time to learn and memorise the lyrics!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

Updates from 4 January

Dear S1-01 Students,

I hope you have had an exciting day at school today!

Some gentle reminders:

1) Submit the following forms on Tuesday:
  • AUP
  • PforSST
  • and any other forms for SST
2) Daily Reflections to be completed. Refer to your email.
For those who are not able to work on your LD, please submit handwritten copies.

3) Temperature Taking Exercise on 7 January (Thursday)

Rest early tonight!
Ms Oh & Ms Tan

Friday, January 1, 2016


Dear Students of S1-01,

Welcome to SST!

Please refer to SST Students Blog for updates. More information will be shared on Monday!

Your Form Teachers,
Ms Rachel Oh and Ms Tan Sook Qin